Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2015

many hands make light work..this is true..esp. here!

thank you all of the volunteers here today and especially to the ones that helped me deal with that monsterous pile of linens!!

a watched pot will not boil therefore I guess it is also true that watched grass seeds will not sprout...sprout! dammit and I will quit looking at you!

it was a lovely bedtime routine...everyone was good and cooperative AND it had stopped raining!

sofie really is a very sweet mare...she waits patiently until I get everyone in and then lets me walk her in at my slow and easy pace which I really appreciate because by the end of the day, I am weary!

jack, the new guy is settling in well...we are all in agreement, he is the cutest old dog in the whole freaking world. he has had a bath and spiff up grooming, I have started him on pain meds for arthritis, he really likes the food here and gives the very best face kisses. super sweet little muppet dog.

marcus has gone out to foster care with anne...yay marcus...yay anne!

once the big dogs were finished their evening run, I took oliver, Oscar and jack each out for walks. I really was not up to loping around with oliver so I took him to the garden so he could be off leash and charge around while I sat and watched kind of walk and oliver liked it too!

and that is all I can think of from today. if anyone has any special or sweet moments, please add them to the comments...I think you guys should also have to share part of your saints day!



I have to agree, Jack is one of the cutest guys I have seen.
The way his ears sort of stand up when he looks at you. Wasn't
sure if his feet hurt when he walked, but I guess maybe he just
hurts all over. Didn't seem to matter on gravel or grass


The plant sale will be over 2 weekends, May 2 and 3, and also May 9 and 10. Proceeds split between FVHS, Elizabeths, and Saints. The poster will be emailed and posted everywhere sometime in early April :)


hi Cathie..i haven't heard anything this year...we may or may not be one of the charities they are fundraising for this year. if I hear anything, will post.


Ok can go away now. I cant locate my rain gear...and barn work in damp clothing totally sucks !!!!

On the up sure makes a hot shower pretty spectacular.

cathie k

Carol...Off topic... Would the ladies that do (Mothers Day/Spring) garden sales,Please put the dates up on the blog...J wants to know...Thanks Cathie k