Amazing Raise 2015 Totals so far......

Sheila  ·  Mar. 17, 2015


Team Barn is $0.00 But Doc is Still Smiling Anyways!!!
Team Barn

Team House is $0.00 But Shep is Still Smiling Anyways!!!Team House

Team MP Room is $0.00 Hope ... well she rarely smiles Anyway. But she is Hopeful
Team MP Room

They are smiling/hopeful because every year we have made our goal of raising $10,000 In fact we have always gone beyond that number so Doc,Shep and Hope KNOW that the donations will soon start to flood in.


Willie C

I sent in an extra donation for Ellie 'Barn' last week - at CanadaHelps. I made a comment that it was for the Barn. . .


That is great Brenda. It has been very quiet so I wasn't sure what was happening.


I've already collected some donations. People are being very generous so far......