Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2015

the vets were out to see cinder again...looks l;ike her pneumonia is back. not as bad as last time around but it is taking quite awhile to get this little old lady sheep healthy.

jack made the move over to my room yesterday...he is now a bed buddy. this little guy is not only adorable...he is a super sweet little guy too. he has his vet visit today...quite a few health issues that I want to get checked out...weak hind end, a bad eye, and a very concerning night time cough. hope we can get him tuned up and functioning at his very best pretty soon.

I had an update on moose this name is now "bob" he is doing really well with his new family and they are all in love with him...yay!

johanna's chi's are coming today for a couple of weeks.since kobi and cammy are now in the laundry area, .this time they will be staying in the mp room in jack's vacated suite.

jenn called me last evening and foster bru is reaching the end of his very long life. with a recent stroke and some new suspicious tumors in combination with his significant dementia, it is all together affecting his quality of life. bru has been a pretty darn lucky dog..from an spca cruelty seizure several years ago where he was tossed out in a backyard and left to die on his own to a home with jenn and jivan who have spoiled and loved him and catered to every possible need...he will pass from this life knowing how deeply he was loved. that has to be a really good thing. jenn has a arranged a home passing for bru, early next week.



Bless you Jenn & Jivan. Enjoy the time left & send Bru on his final journey full of all his favorite treats & surrounded by those he loves and those that love him. I wish you peace & serenity for that day. He is such a cool dog & when you guys took him home I was so happy for him.. a real home , just for him, finally. You have given him the greatest gift of all.