Rescue Journal

it is raining cats and dogs

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2015

everyone better get their fundraising shirts on..i accidently took in 5 new animals today and most of them are going to need vet care.

ooops..not my fault, they came in waves.

the first two I approved unclaimed stray, little, old, skinny, sick dog found at a truck stop along the hwy and a one eye senior old unclaimed stray cat with some health problems who has been sitting in the shelter system for several months with zero adoption interest in him.

today I was working when the vets office called..someone had come in to euth their senior cat and dog because they were moving. I was close by so I went over to the clinic to talk to the owners and they said they were not taking either of those animals home again today. the cat is a 16-ish himmy x has been vomiting daily for the past 6 months so shestayed at the clinic for exam, trim of overgrown nails and blood work. the dog is a Japanese chin cross...super cute..11 yrs old, has skin issues, is not spayed, also had over grown nails, smelled pretty bad. she too stayed in for an exam, nail trim, ear pluck, a bath and blood work. both of them came home with me tonight..the cat's name is me-su (it was mew< blah.) and the dog's name is tippy.

the last one is getting added on to the transport of the first two...a 12 yr old blind unclaimed stray siamese cat. I don't know the names of the shelter guys yet..will find out what the staff named them tomorrow when they arrive.

I called our staff and we have a plan on in which area each one should initially go.

sigh..ok...that's a lot of new ones in recently...we are full again for at least a little while.

sucks to be an elderly animal without a family.


Willie C

Curt, I would not be so sure the answer would be 'No' for some people and their elderly relatives. . .there are people with unkind/unfeeling hearts no matter what the creature happens to be.


To add to Jude's comment, I ask, would people walk into hospitals or funeral homes with elderly (or sick)relatives and ask for them to be euthanized? No they wouldn't. It never ceases to amaze me the value people put on their pets lives due to age or sickness


I'm bringing out a bunch of donations tomorrow morning from the petshop boys and some bark boxes from Darcy.


Never ceases to amaze me, how people can walk in and say euthanize this animal, even after all those years of being part of the family. How do they sleep at night:(

Carol A.

Yes. It does suck to be old and blind and sick and unloved. How blessed are those that are lifted up to SAINTS, wrapped in your loving arms to be safe and warm and fed and loved for the rest of their days here.
Our own little senior, Sandy, suddenly lost her vision at Valentine's Day. We have started our walk with Cushing,s. Sandy is fierce, fearless, independent. An inspiration. Our almost senior husky, Trixie, has become her shadow. Always by her flank. Always there making sure she is safe. Waiting til Sandy is ready to go to. :)
We are blessed in them.. Just as those five little souls are blessed in you. Sending hugs


These are five lucky little ones, for sure. So sad. Breaks my heart to think of all the other needy ones that never make it to Saints.