Rescue Journal

why we should all argue like two year olds.

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2015

I spent my lunch break today visiting ethan and kate.ethan and I were coloring. mom was in the kitchen and ethan took that golden opportunity to sneak over to her cell who has eyes in the back of her head said "ethan john do not touch my cell phone."

ethan decided to start pushing buttons on it anyway.

I scooped it up and said "lets go give this to mommy."

ethan trotted behind me crying and reaching for his much coveted electronic friend.

once the cell phone was safe on the counter, I picked him up and dried his tears and wiped his nose but he was mad.

I set him down on the floor and he crossed his arms and said "I Am Mad! and then he said "I Am Mad!" again. and finally breaking poor gramma's heart..he said "I Don't Want to Color Any More!"

oh no! I said.."oh no! I like coloring!"

and ethan said..."i like coloring too." and reached to give us each a new crayon and we colored together again.

and so ended a heart breaking disagreement with both of us still being very good friends.

so why can't grown ups argue like that..just say how we feel, take a deep breath and move on leaving the past in the past.

love that boy, he is so (eventually) reasonable.