Rescue Journal

seely update

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2015

so it is a malignant, inoperable tumor. the good news it is a slow growing cancer, the bad news is it has been growing for a long time and is just starting to give her trouble.

with some special care and meds seely has a bit of quality time left so she now on our palliative care program.

she is .home from the vets, settled very quickly in with the bed buddies on my getting kind of crowded bed

it is ok..seely can count on us to make sure whatever time she has left is a heck of a lot better than getting dumped at a truck stop when she was sick and old and really needed some friends.

its not too late for seely...she got them...welcome to saints sweetie, happy to have you here.



Loved cuddling her today.....she is such a timid little one. So glad we could give her a home, she like all our Saints, deserve to know love


Welcome! Sweet little thing - heartbreaking someone could just dump her on the side of the road, sick or not....loves you already Carol which was evident by her paw on your lap. She's claimed you.