Rescue Journal

renee called me at work late this afternoon

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2015

looks like jerry has had a bit of a stroke. he is just settling down from the post-dictal stage..hoping he settles a bit more, if not we will be heading over to emergency. poor jerry, this truly sucks.

phoebe has vomited three huge times since I came home..she sure is having some tough days in the past year or so.

jenn and jivan lost their beloved bru today, he passed peacefully. it was a very tough loss for them but I am so thankful that bru had such a very great home at the end.

he saved the very best for last.


rest in peace bruiser, you were greatly loved and will be forever safe in the hearts and memories of your 2 very best friends.



Lenore Henry

Jenn and Jivan - please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Bru. It is wonderful he could spend his final years with you both in a loving home.

Owen and Lenore Henry

laura b

)))hugs((( Jenn & Jivan, Bru was definitely a character....which will leave a big hole in your heart....thanks for giving him an awesome home full of love!


So sorry Jenn and Jivan for you loss. I remember when you first had Bru but never knew his story. He had a great three years, the best.

Carol A.

I hope poor phoebe is starting to feel better. It sounds like lots of upsets today. Sending hugs to jenn and Ivan. It doesn't mtter how long these ancient furrys have shared our hearts. It hurts to say that last sleep well my sweetheart. Thinking of all of you


So sorry, Jenn & Jivan. You gave Bru the greatest gift of all, your love, and he knew that.


Big thanks to Chris and the SPCA for helping save Bru and bringing him to saints and ultimately into our life. We are so grateful for the joy and love he brought us for the past three years and it was such a gift to give him some happiness and hopefully erase any of the fear and pain from his previous experiences. His passing was very peaceful and gentle at his home thanks to Dr. Loft. Miss kissing him already!


oh Bruiser... your owner was convicted for leaving you out to die but you probably don't remember any of that at all, which is good. Thanks so much to SAINTS and daughter Jen and husband for giving him so much love and care for his last few years.


so sorry for your loss Jenn, we know going in it won't last
forever, but it still hurts a lot


Hugs to you Jenn - it's always so hard even if you're prepared - Bru was a sweet dog and lucky to have found you guys.... Oh, I hope Jerry settles more and has a good night....and poor Phoebe, she really is struggling...hope she can keep some food down soon..she so loves her food!