Rescue Journal

it was a tough night..

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2015

while jerry eventually settled, I had to keep him close to me so I would wake up as every time he did wake up without me... he fell off the bed.

zues and nickie were coughing and little seely was most definitely having labored breathing. I got everyone eventually settled down with meds but it was long past midnight before it was safe for me to intermittently sleep and I am tired today.

too old for this shit.

whatever....rescue is real. It ain't a warm and fuzzy fairy tale and I ain't a chubby, cheerfully chirpy fairy godmother with a pretty cool magic wand. and while I might shoot myself should I ever become actually chirpy...I wouldn't mind the magic wand. ka-boink "bippity bobbity... go to sleep all of you!"



On a happy note....the Facebook fundraiser is at $5,710 this morning!! :)