Rescue Journal

sometimes disagreements in rescue can get out of hand...

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2015

even really good friends can get angry and frustrated and relationships (or other things) can be damaged.

today it was the barn.

I heard various sides of the story which were all similar. when I got home, I went out to see ellie mae to get her version of what happened today.

here is the conversation...

"ellie? what happened today?" I asked my drowsy sleeping friend.


"well I heard you broke my barn and it took three and a half hours to fix it."

"i did not break your barn! I simply went looking for my breakfast which for some reason was not forthcoming like it should have been. not my fault there were locked gates and doors in my way."

"ok, but you broke them."

"look...barn maintenence and repair is not my problem, that is a human concern. a pigs priority is in procuring breakfast, preferably sooner than later and I prefer sooner. I simply did what I had to do."

hmmm..i am probably not going to win this argument. I may as well concede to her greater wisdom (and strength.) if I want my barn to remain undamaged, ...i guess we better be serving breakfast sooner.

"ok, well..good night then, I love you ellie."

"of course you do, I am very lovable."


laura b

Awesome.......Ellie hasn't thrown a big fit in a while.....reminding us not to get complacent with her royal highness wishes..."and so it shall be"


A GREAT BIG shout out to Paul ( Joanne's friend ) who not only came out in the pouring rain to fix up our pig-gate problem, I understand he even went back home & came back with his tools !!! THANK-YOU so much... and to KO & Joanne who stayed behind to help.

SAINTS volunteers are the best !!!!

Carol A.

It was an accident. She was looking over the gate and it just miraculously opened when she leaned on it.... Really!