Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2015

saints welcomes two new ones...

kiwi is an 18 yr old cat whose owner showed up here last weekend wanting to surrender because A she was moving and unable to take her and B because kiwi was sick and her owner was unable to afford the vet bill. I was at work so the saints volunteers called me and I spoke to the owner and arranged for her to take the cat home and drop her off at our vets on Monday as a surrender. kiwi had her vet appointment and we picked her up at the end of the day and now she is a saint. she is not all that happy about it but she is coping fairly well.

and today in came Harley..she is a heintz 57...some shepherd, maybe some rotti, a tiny bit of pitty who looks like a black and tan kelpie...oh my freaking gawd, she appears to be very smart! she is only 4 years old and has lived on the streets with her homeless owner since she was a pup but has gotten quite ill with untreated diabetes..she is bone rail thin, is recovering from pancreatitis and I can smell acetone on her breath which means she is probably a stones throw away from being ketotic. Harley was growly/snappy at the vets so I think she is going to be a handful. I am pretty sure she is covered in lice but we have already treated her with revolution. we started her on her insulin and tomorrow I will start the formal introductions and pray to all gods that could possibly be that the intro's go well because I need to bond her with either mystic's or mika's group. diabetics need to be in the house where we can provide 24 hour eyes on her.

anyway...hmmmm..I think life might have just gotten complicated again. Harley is not a follower or a pleaser..there is an active mind in there and I strongly suspect she is used to being the boss. she will do whatever she thinks is of benefit to her.

hmmm again...I better work on my skills to convince her that people know best.

bet she does not agree.



I think right now, Harley is just sick and confused. we will see how she is in a week or two.


we just finished a similar on line fundraiser on our facebook page Suzanne, you are right, they do work brought in just over $6000, which was even more than our goal.


more thoughts:
I truly believe that there are MANY out there who would like to support SAINTS but they don't know you exist. I found you about 5 years ago purely by accident. I was on the website of Laureate Shelties and she had a list there of blogs she liked to visit. one of them was Three Woofs and a Woo. when I clicked on the link, I found that the Food Lady had recently been at SAINTS taking photos of your animals and she had posted some of them on her blog, along with a little blurb about your mission. had that not happened, I would still be unaware that you are there. Just another thought.

Debra Fletcher

I know when I am verging on ketotic, I'm a raving, unreasonable bitch. No control over it. maybe when her levels straighten out, she'll be a slightly less handful of a control freak. Keeping my fingers crossed


Hi Carol,
Today I happened upon a website called Go Fund Me. people who have specific needs can post their particular dilemmas there and people all over the web can contribute or not as they see fit. For instance, people from all over raised about $400,000.00 (yes, you read that correctly) for the elderly bakery owner whose business was burned to the ground during the riots in Ferguson.
I immediately thought of one of the cutest faces EVER, Miss Teek, and wondered if you might think about giving it a whirl by posting her photo and her need for surgery and explaining what the surgery entails. there are several animals on there now who need surgeries and people have donated almost 1,000.00 for one of them. Including some information about SAINTS and a link to your site might also bring in some sponsors and get you to your Thousand SAINTS. I know you have long-standing and very generous donors, but adding a few more might be OK too. Just a thought.


is Harley an Alpha or is she just testy? if she's not alpha she might do well in a group that has one... a dog she might be reluctant to cross


I am 63 I am being evicted for too many animals.They are all seniors 11 rs to15 yrs. Some need medical attention. I live in the US. But am Desperate to find any help I can get for my sweet babies. You may attatch my email to anything that might help.

Carol A.

Harley is one sweet girl who's feeling really sick and is missing her dad. I know you will be able to work your magic! And on kiwi too!