Rescue Journal

here is Harley, our new skinny babe

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2015

harley 2

harley 1


Debra in Malaysia

Oh my, poor thing, so skinny.
But, Saints will fatten her up and have her on the mend.


OMG I have never seen a dog that skinny... she looks like she doesn't have enough meat on her to be able to even stand up. poor baby... she doesn't know it yet but her life just became wonderful.


its going ok..i have to keep an eye on mika, she is not hugely happy and she has the potential to be a total hag when she is unhappy about new unspayed female dogs who smell very sick and are in her space. I tell you tho..mika is a GREAT dog...she worships the ground I walk on and listens to me really well IF I am there. I just worry when my eyes are elsewhere..never trust a husky, way too smart and way too determined to have life go exactly their way.


Harley, just take a look at brown Buddy - he used to be skinny too, but look at him now!! Glad you're at Saints...


Looks like she's in the big dog room? Does this mean intros went well??


Wow. Total bone rack. But once she's on meds and eating well the pounds will come back. Looking forward to seeing her