Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2015

Harley is settling in well but she is still a very sick little girl. I have upped her insulin and now we are waiting to see how she does on this new higher dose..

kiwi was taken back into the vets yesterday..they still can't find any thing wrong with her, I gave her one of the large medical room pens and we are watching her carefully for now.

bob the rabbit now has free run of the medical and rabbit rooms and he really likes that a lot.

jerry lee is now a barn dog and he is over the top about this. everything is just so freaking exciting that by the end of the day, when he comes to bed, he is totally exhausted and sleeps. yay no more night long beagle barking!

I would like to please ask the last person to leave each area for the day to do a quick walk around in their area to make sure all doors and gates are closed and locked and all food and water bowls were filled and returned to their proper places. yesterday the mp front door was left unlocked, the felv pen was not latched, and 2 rabbits had no food or water bowls.

all stuff easily forgotten in the last busy minutes but all stuff easily rectified with a quick last minute check. not all volunteers read the blog so if those that do could remind those that don't, this would be great.



looks better..i think she banged it on something..not bugging her today.