Amazing Raise Update

Sheila  ·  Apr. 10, 2015

Our event is called amazing raise for a reason.... We are looking to see which volunteer area races to the finish line first by raising huge dollars.

Team MP Room has raised $370

Hope is still not letting go of Hope that Team MP Room will Win.

Team House has raised $820

Shep is happy because he is in second place and that means he isn't last

Team Barn has raised an amazing $1725

Doc... well he is pretty much feeling like a winner right now.

AND there is an additional $235 that was donated but not allocated to an area

TOTAL $3,150 LESS THAN $7,000 to go!!



We'll see....I'd be happy to see all areas surpass their goals for donations....It all goes into the same pot, the more the better for all the Saints animals....just trying to do my part to reach the goal....


Hi Brenda The safest place for it would be the safe. Ann will more than likely read this post and look for the envelope. Just put amazing raise on the outside. Is Shep going to be first now...


Sheila ; I'm bringing in my collected donations this Sunday for the house...- it's going to make Shep very happy - you too I think. Should I put the envelope in the safe or where would you like the money to go? I am away in Ontario the night of the Pub night, so won't be here, but I have some very generous friends who always contribute to the Amazing Raise. ....


Hi Lynne
Thanks for the info. Can you please put the items in the shop in the suite upstairs because there are already items up there for me to pick up. Thanks so much Lynne

lynne arnason

hey sheila am i supposed to tell you that i would like 2 veggie burgers the night of and i have a chroched blanket and my husband made 2 chicadee houses along with 2 suet feeders for the event. want them in the mp room?