Rescue Journal

gabby has passed away.

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2015

we lost gabby yesterday..her breathing had gotten so much worse the past couple of days. the vet believes she had either a rapidly growing nasal or tracheal mass that was too deep to be seen on exam or xray. she has been on several different antibiotics over the past few months for her chronic URI and anti-inflammatories for the past few days without any improvement. xrays did show that while her lungs were clear, unbeknownst to us gabby had suffered broken ribs sometime in her distant past. so the combination of something new blocking her airway, a chronic URI and with ribs that really did not expand very well made it too hard for gabby to breathe really well.

gabby was one of our FIV cats who came in about 5 years ago from a hoarding situation. she was everyones favorite here..all of the people and all of the cats. she was such an affectionate and happy little cat.

rest in peace dear gabby, you were loved and will be greatly missed by all of us here.


shep was seizuring last night. I almost took him in to emergency but once he was finished and rested a bit, I was able to lift him up to his feet and help him walk over to his big and soft bed where he settled and slept. I haven't gotten him up yet this morning, but he is awake and alert and seems comfortable and content so I think he has recovered ok.

our last new old dog arrived from up north yesterday, she is a lovely girl and appears to be a daxi/poodle cross. she did not come in with a name, and I have not named her yet as I was quite distracted with shep. will try to tthink of something today. she has settled well in as a bed buddy and slept quietly next to me all thru the night.

welcome sweetie and so sorry. will rectify the name thing for you as soon as we can.



Oh, I really liked Gabby - she was always chatting away. - made me smile....So sorry..


glad to hear she is a bed buddy already. Thanks for helping her and sorry for the loss of Gabby


the other day when I was looking at all the photos of the SAINTS on facebook I somehow wound up looking at the photos from 2011. so, I looked at them ALL... from 2011 forward. there were a couple of things that jumped right out at me as I went along. first was how very many you have lost since then. somehow the magnitude of their numbers hadn't hit me, maybe because when going through the blog their passings are scattered. And second I was stunned by how very long some of them have been with you.
from 3000 miles away I find SAINTS to be bitter-sweet. Bitter (sad) that so many animals have been either abused or left in some shelter to die on a cold slab of cement. Sweet because they were lucky enough to spend their remaining days wrapped in the warm hearts and loving care of all of you out there.
I found the cats to be the hardest for me to process. you have so very many lovely cats and as I look at them I cannot help but wonder why so many of them are still there. Having had one myself, I get it with the spraying group, but the others? I only wish I lived close enough to you that I could ask for as many of them as you would be willing to entrust to me. RIP Gabby, you were one of the ones I would have hoped for.


gabby was a lovely cat. poor shep, at least you were there
to comfort and monitor him. your bedroom must be approaching
full now too.
new girl could be a mable, don't have one of them. as it turns out
didn't finish work till 1630 yesterday, so glad i hadn't said i would
pick her up