Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2015

Colby and Mario went out on a foster trial with jenn and jiv (bru's foster parents, rip)...jenn wanted Colby, jiv wanted Mario...what the heck, they both wanted to go home with them, they both like each other and get along well, they both have urinary tract issues, and they both will like company when mom and dad are off to work....sooo...why not both? and they did.

yay...2 out of my room except..coco (puglet) and dora (elderly daxi-poodle) both moved on to my bed in the last 24 hours. both of them have settled in well and enjoyed playing ball out on the new grass this afternoon...that was fun.


Harley got scared (growly/snappy) today...too much going on and too many new people. she settled down fine and got her happy back on once I was home again.

agnes and Robbie got into it while I was gone too..aggy was determined to kick Roberts ass. they are both being good now but that maybe because aggie is back up in the laundry room with her haggy room mate cammy. when looking adorable and pathetic and super cute did not work to get her sprung again, aggie decided to just go to bed and sulk instead.

it was bad enough that the manure bin guy came this morning but then he didn't come back. poor mo was stuck here waiting and waiting to let him back in the gates. he finally showed up just as I told mo to go since I was home again.

well..almost 4 pm..everyone is finally gone, the dogs are finally settled and I need to head out to the barn which is going to wind them all up again.

oh freaking yay.



my friend Judy will be over the moon about Colby, she fostered him
before he went to Saints. Be a good boy Colby and you and Mario
will have it made in the shade. They both seemed like pretty sweet