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from brenda

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2015

It is with a very sad heart that I write this post:
I had to say goodbye to my Mac today. He suffered a stroke last night and I let him go peacefully in my arms this morning at the vet clinic. I adopted him from Saints over 2 yrs ago, when he was 17, and he was such a joy. I know his last few years were filled with love, fun, and adventures. He spent pretty much every day with me, as he accompanied me to work all the time, and he was a favourite there. He discovered that... he loved camping, because that meant lots of walks, fresh air, treats, and best if all - spending time with his family. Lois and I -and his 2 cocker sisters (Tinker and Truffles) will miss our sweet boy. He was such a happy little guy, and made my heart smile daily. Goodbye my Mac..... and thank you Carol for letting me have this special Saint for his last few years. He has now joined another family of special dogs that we have had to say goodbye to over the years - I'm sure they were waiting for him to join the pack.


(rest in peace sweet max, you were such a ray of sunshine in this world. hugs to you Brenda and Lois..thank you so much for giving him such a happy life at the end of his years.)



Thanks everyone for your kind comments here and on Facebook. I am leaving for work now - not looking forward to the backseat being empty in my van , nor arriving at work without my boy. Gonna be a tough day again. Miss him so....


So sorry to hear of your loss, Brenda - wish I had met Mac - he looked like a very sweet little boy


wow, has it been two years since he went home with you?
So sorry for your loss


He was such a good boy...and he was so lucky to find a way into your heart. My thoughts are with you Brenda, big hugs


Very sorry Brenda. I still think of him as Benji-Mac. Glad he found his way to you, lucky boy.


Awwww I'm so sorry Brenda.....I don't think he could have ever in his wildest dreams have imagined that his last two years would be his best, filled with such love and fun. He was lucky to find you.

laura b

Wow another loss for the Saints adopted ones.....Mac was such a cutie....sounds like he had an action packed, loved filled last 2 yrs, what a joy for both you and him working together....hugs to you Brenda/Lois.


Brenda, I'm sorry for your loss. Words always sound so hallow at a time like this.
Knowing you gave him the best and the most for as long as you had him is what you can take comfort in.
Take care.