Rescue Journal

here is a recent picture of phebes for donna

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2015


thanks for asking about her!!!

she is aging…still has her hyper busy insanity moments but actually is starting to sleep a lot. she has been having periodic kidney and bladder issues, lots of infections in the past couple of years or so. she still has her very annoying moments but not every moment is annoying like it was in her youth. love her dearly and it sometimes saddens me to watch the red whirling wonder white faced and cloudy eyed now and no longer whirling except when she really wants something. we figure she is about 15 years now…who thought she would ever get old??


Carol A.

there is something about those sweet white faces and cloudy browneyes that rings an echo in our own hearts, makes us afraid to glance in the mirror and see our once thick and glossy hair , thin and more grey than brown. our faces less smooth. those hard earned creases. so very glad she still has traces of red swirling wonder. they are a joy!


Great picture of Phebes (but then again when does she not take a great picture).


Great to see her! She wears her senior face with grace. I think of her as one of SAINTs great success stories. Congratulations to her and all of you.