Rescue Journal

are any of the volunteers interested in learning weekend saints barn bedtime routine?

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2015

I wouldn't mind training up a couple of extra people to help cover when I am either working afternoon shifts or have family stuff like birthdays that I would like to be able to go to. right now there is just michelle, chris and I..a couple of more folks (esp.for Saturdays) would be really helpful.

it takes about an hour and a half from 4pm-530pm or so. and I would think it would take several weekends of training to get comfortable with the bedtime routine. you don't necessarily need barn experience as long as you are willing to learn and can stick to the routine.

if anyone is interested, feel free to let me know.



I can do anytime other then this Saturday which you already knew :) I don't get back into Mission until 5:30-6 though.


I don't know if you have an age restriction, Carol, but if not, I'd like to!


Carol, I would love to learn and will hopefully be close in a month or so!