Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2015

buster's bowels are moving a bit better, looks like the laxative is working and his ears, mouth and joints are feeling better with the antibiotics and pain meds. erin has been bringing him back and forth for visits to the week we will let him decide which area he prefers to live in. the staff have also been putting him out in this nice weather with a quilt of the grass so he can enjoy the sun.

gus our little rescued ram was finally castrated the other day. it took awhile because he was a crypto. luckily his second testicle descended just prior to his surgery so this was not the nightmare we were anticipating. all went well, and gus is fine and will recover quickly.

Harley had her vet recheck and her insulin dose was increased again. she had put on another pound in that week so while her recovery and getting control of her diabetes is painfully slow...we are slowly getting there. she goes back in next week again. what was really cute tho is, now that she knows the clinic and staff, she is no longer growly and snappy. she is so eager to get in there and see everyone and everything...little miss super snoop now thinks vet visits are fun and exciting!

new cat coming in which I am a wee bit pissed over. I was in an all day ed session yesterday and desperate to keep the cell phone calls to a minimum. I couldn't actually turn it off for the 8 hours in case one of the animals really needed me. anyway, I got a call from someone about a stray sick cat who showed up in their yard who had a large swelling on her head or ear. sometimes I just need to problem solve fast so I can get back to what I was doing. so I said fine, get her down to our vets and we would pick her up once she got medical treatment. later in the day the clinic called and they had more time to talk to miss sick cat with the swelling on her ear was a stray cat they took in quite a while ago and has been living with them thru the winter who is now pissing in the house and that's why she has to go.. oh. feel like I got hosed cuz I didn't take the time to ask all of the questions. whatever, we will still take time I will tell folks to call me back when I am not so busy.

little muppet jack's neuter got cancelled. his cardiac disease is starting to show symptoms so he got a med change instead.

Colby and Mario are 2 lucky campers...they are pain in the ass leg lifters in their new foster home despite a good lets pee outside routine. jenn half heartedly suggested that maybe they should bring them back in case jiv was regretting them, jiv said no way they are staying. so now both of the boys are wearing belly bands. jen and jiv are worried that maybe the boys are uncomfortable in them and they do not want them to be uncomfortable. I said I did not care if they were comfortable in them or not..keep them on 24/7 except when they are out for walks for a min. of three months to try to break the leg lifting habit. damn lucky you found jiv and jenn.

Brenda...jenn (who is now noticing such things) thought the belly band you had on max looked more comfortable and is wondering which brand?)

family cabin day is my son's birthday..i will be gone for most of the day but will be available by cell phone..


Colleen B

Peekeepers! Kinda pricey but worth every penny. They can't get out of them and you can put a little panty liner inside if they still decide to squirt with them on. Check out the website.


I have tons of fabric so easy peasy. my foster dog was like mac
he just stood and waited for the pad to go back on, no elastic
on the sides, he had lived his life in a cage at a breeding facility
ie puppy mill, so he really was never going to get with the program.
that was just a part of life to wear it.
long velcro strips Cam, too short and they can probably rub them


Cam, I think the belly bands with the elastic around the sides are more irritating - and restricting. I had a couple of those for Mac, but I ended up using the ones that were just a wrap with no elastic, as he seemed to not even notice those on - and they're so much easier to take off and on - but I guess if the dog is determined to get them off, they will. Mac was so good about wearing them. He even stood and waited at the door till I put the band back on, and he'd never worn them before I started doing it - and he wore them All the time, unless outside, so it was the norm for him. I hope they work for Colby and Mario....


I ordered mine from a rescue outfit on line - who hand makes them. They did not have elastic in the sides, and just Velcro to hold them on. - more comfortable and easier to put on and take off Mac. If you can get Shelagh to make them that would be great. Make sure you use poise pads inside them tho. You can cut the long pads in half. Poise are the best - made to absorb urine and Mac never had any reaction or irritation from using those pads.


As a non-sewer, I've used this company whenever I've moved and had to re-teach my boys not to mark in a new place: :)


they are easy to make,( says the sewer), if you gave me some
measurements could make you some. I'm sure the dogs will get
used to them, they have been years without, so will take a
while to get with the program. with the bands on, you can
relax and enjoy them.