Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2015

so that new cat is in..the one that I might of kind of got taken advantage of on last Friday. but whatever..that poor old boy has led a pretty damn rough life..looks like he has been thru the mill a few times too many. he is beat up, matted and dirty..doesn't look like too much tender loving care has come his way in a very long time. apparently the folks who had him these last few months thought he was a she so they called him Baby..unfortunately he seems to know it. so his official name will be Babe Ruth but we can still call him baby so he knows he is now and forever truly loved. he has been seen by our vet, had some SQ fluids and blood work, viral testing, a flea and de-worming treatment and we will see how he does. his tattoo is from 2001 and leads back to a now defunct rescue group. so we know he is at least 14 yrs old..he could be older depending on his age when he was neutered.

anyway..I don't regret him..looks like he really needs us so I am glad he is here.

dora has gone off to join theya and Shelagh in her new foster home. she spent the weekend and seems to fit in well so looks like our newby from up north has found herself a great home down here!!

and that is all of the news for now.



i saw his picture, poor guy! rough indeed!
i can't wait to see how he does!

shelagh f

didn't take Dora long to figure out not to jump on Theya.
and Theya is quiet when left alone with a buddy again.
Dora loves the all the comforts of home and Theya lays
on the bare floor with her head stuck in the corner

laura b

Great news Shelagh.....glad Theya came around and accepted her new sister Dora :-)