Rescue Journal

Dixi update...yay!

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2015

Hi update ...

Dixi had her dental care April 2nd and did really well. No extractions. She flew thru the anaesthetic with no problem. She loves her afternoon walkies and of course her food. We've been trying to find a low protein food she likes to help her kidney's but no luck yet. She leaves her canned food if it's too boring. Trying to find a balance for her that keeps her huffing which she still does on people food but also manages the kidney care. She's enjoying hanging out in the backyard, watching out the front window and cuddling on the recliner. She is still not a fan of 'the pick up' but once in place she hunkers in and is quite affectionate... We call her the dixi chick which seems to suit even if she can't hear us. But she's a crybaby if she can't see us but once she can, she's fine. Loki and her have a cordial space agreement and they have good respect for each others space and needs. She waits patiently beside him, seated for treats, and is quite gentle if not too excited. She supervises dinner prep and card night and gardening keeping a firm patrol on the developments but then likes to snooze. We're really enjoying her and all she brings to our family. She still hasn't figured out the dog door with her vision but is essentially able to be house trained if we keep track of her so rare voiding inside if any. We have a special event this summer and will be asking folks to donate to saints and to a child's literacy program. We look forward to our friends learning more about saints as a result. Dixi is curled up in her half kennel beside the bed with a gentle snore. I'm sure she sends her love...Take care..Sue and family...




Carol, I'm away right now and for some reason cannot access my saints email acct. I will be back Wednesday night, if any emails for adoptions are sent to other emails because I haven't answered them.