Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2015


no one ever even looks twice at zues..he is one of those invisible dogs who just doesn't do it for humans.

and this totally blows my mind.

this dog is so utterly sweet and gentle, he is so very humble and unassuming and kind.

and he had a totally crappy and pain filled life.

he SHOULD be the kind of dog that everyone falls over themselves to get to. everyone loves a tragic sad tale of a poor, poor dog, homeless and lonely and suffering great pain.

unless the dog is zues I guess.

zues lived with an elderly owner who passed away at home. zues was completely alone with his owners dead body until days later when they were both discovered. zues was suffering from a mouth full of abcessed teeth..anyone who has ever had one abcessed tooth, knows how painful that would be. and poor little zues had 19! he was so sensitive around his head because his mouth was in pure agony for a very long time. whenever anyone went to touch him near his face, he ducked and cringed away to avoid even more unbearable pain.

so zues does not like his head to be touched, it frightens him and he scurries away. and that ends pretty much all human interest in him, if he doesn't make us feel warm and fuzzy, he disappears from our radar.

what is so sad about this is...zues loves to be touched..he just likes you to start out at his back end and move slowly forward. he likes to have his sides and chest rubbed, and he even doesn't mind being picked up if you go slow and reach from behind. he gets quite excited when I get home and wags his tail over and over until I bend down so he can give some welcome home love in his very sweet and quiet way.

sometimes zues can't find his way up or down off the bed because the other dogs are in his way. it makes him so happy when I notice his need and pick him up to help him accomplish his deed of getting to where ever he is trying to go.

I love this totally invisible dog and I think he deserves to have a huge fan club. this little old man has suffered great loss, great fear, great pain and he has remained a kind and gentle and innocent pure soul.

he is a treasure trove of the goodness of spirit and while his light shines so very softly, you can still easily see it if you really look.



My husband and I love Zues without ever having met him. That's why we sponsor him! A bitey old girl who scares everyone shares our home and we love her to death. She wants to be touched, too, but she gets scared and the teeth come out and she frightens everyone but us away. She won't tolerate other dogs, so sending money is unfortunately all we can do... but we're definitely fans of Zues and it was nice, although sad, to learn more about him. His sweet little face breaks my heart, and I can't thank you enough for what you do to make him feel loved and protected and comfortable.

Carol A.

zeus looks like the littlest angel that sits tucked under the Christmas tree waiting to be piced yo light the advent candles. such a lovely little boy. i wish i was close enough to take him for a weekend vsleep over. i wander if he'd like my girls..mmmmm


Great article, thanks Carol! I'm so thankful that you told me about rubbing his back end first, he really does settle in when you come at him on his terms. Such a sweet little guy.


I am part of his fan club, he reminds me of Norm...unassuming but loves attention in the right way. Zeus loves the little tender treats we put on his bed, and a little pet in the right spot. He is a good sweet dog....