Rescue Journal

hail ceasar!

Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2015

our new old lumpy dog is here..his name is ceasar and he is a mal or husky cross. very sweet old dog. he was surrendered as a result of a cruelty investigation for neglect. he has some hind end weakness, quite a few masses and lumps and the shelter has been treating him for arthritis. he has met the big dog room crew and gone out on his first group field run, he has super good dog manners and I think he will do very well here..kind of reminds a little bit of bear.

the only other news is the dogs have been quite upset by todays thunder storms. mika and jerry lee are the most upset with phoebe coming in third. luckily it looks like its all over now so the dogs can relax and de-stress.

the house microwave has given up the ghost, I find this annoying because I was hungry and my left over pasta dinner stayed cold. tomorrow I will pop into London drugs and pick up a new one but for tonight I guess dinner is peanut butter toast.



too late I picked a cheapo up from the superstore at 0730 this am..but thx!!


Carol, I have a black microwave in great condition if you want it!