Rescue Journal

that damn beagle

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2015

grhhh. I swear to god he is going to get himself killed. he did well with everyone out in the field and in the barn but once he thought lunch time was near, he headed back into the dog yard with the other dogs and once there turned into a ass. he attacked june and she took the higher road and ran into the dog room and he couldn't let it stop there, he just had to follow her and continue to attack..finally she had enough and grabbed his neck.

that still didn't stop the little bastard..beagles are nothing if not mindlessly focused on their prey..jerry doesn't have rabbits to hunt but he went at june with the exact same determination.

but what really pissed me off was once I was on site and VERY obviously mad..he did not back off. not even when I started whacking him to get him off june. it took FOREVER (ok..maybe a minute or two) before that stupid dog took his head out of his ass and figured out that I was there and pretty damn freaking mad. in the end I grabbed him by the collar and tossed him across the room, and that's when he decided getting away from me was more important than trying to take out june.

here is what jerry doesn't know...I live here with over thirty dogs and almost every single one of them knows...if I am pissed off, you better damn run and get the hell out of dodge. there is a good reason for this..if they didn't have a good and healthy respect for me when I am mad..they would just run around doing whatever it is that they want even if it is dangerous or really bad. when I am alone with them..they absolutely without fail have to listen to me when I am serious about something.

anyway..I won the fight with jerry..he did eventually back down and listen to me and leave which is a very good thing. next time he damn well better do it sooner. he has met his match..beagles may be stubborn and occasionally out and out pig headedly mean..but I am stubborner and meaner.

whatever..its over, water under the bridge, I have forgiven the little twit and he has forgiven me.

maybe tomorrow will be better but I doubt it..once a beagle gets an idea in his head (like he hates june) it will be hard for him to shake it. hopefully tho he learned that fighting is not worth getting me mad.

its up to him...he can either listen to me or one day he may have to listen to june...I bet he wouldn't like that. I love all beagles but I love them knowing they are a royal pain in the ass.



lol...boomers got it down pat, he always disappears as soon as I discover the trouble...they either run or hit the beds or floor when I am mad..the only ones I don't have complete <strong>mad</strong> voice control of are aggie, diesel, jerry lee and Oscar..notice it is all of the real stubborn jackasses!


A funny part of that was Boomer booted it back to the barn in lightning speed mode ...I am sure it must have been when you showed up. Smart pooch that Boomer.