Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 5, 2015

finally..I think I am turning the sick corner...still coughing up my lungs, still feel partially deaf with plugged ear drums but my brain feels a bit sharper..not so much in that vague congested state of feeling lost in space. this has been a long and nasty viral road.

oh well, at least I have gotten a lot of rest over the past week or so.

I toured a couple of really nice out of town rescue folks last evening, they were in town for a conference. kim is from PAWS in Ontario and tia is from the Pacific Northwest Animal Welfare Project in Washington. it was interesting to hear their stories and to realize that a lot of the challenges in animal welfare are universal. east, west, north and south of the border, some of the challenges are the same despite geography.

anyway..I wasn't at my best last evening cuz I still had that foggy brain syndrome but I think the tour went ok.

funny how buster who was only here for a few weeks, could leave this room so empty. he was such a nice dog..he was funny, and cute and cuddly and kind. I guess he filled this room with his cheerful light and that is what I am missing right now...sweet boy.

logan the bunny goes in for an abcess surgery today. fingers crossed he does well, rabbits and anaesthetics are not a good mix. positive thoughts for logan today.



My thoughts and prayers are with you Logie... My hope is you come through this even better!!!.. Would be great if they also can take the tumor from on your nose as well while they are fixing your abscess.. Hugs, kisses and many pets to you Logan my sweet little Bunny...