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Gilligan update...yay! (also from SARC)

Carol  ·  May 10, 2015

Dear Carol, I wanted to send you some pictures of me to show you how great I am doing! I love my new family (even though it took me a little while to figure some things out), especially going for walks, swimming and helping my new mom "garden" in the backyard!! I get very excited to meet and play with all dogs (although some don't want to play with me - what's up with that?!). And I even go to school now - I go with my mom and Quatchi when we pick up our children and guess what, I have an important job there - crumb patrol (I leave no dropped snack or tasty lunch morsel behind!!) I still don't like new places, but my mom says we'll have to work on that (I'm not so sure - doorways and new buildings are soooo scary!).But what I really want to say is thank you - for being my first real mom and for giving me a chance to be a regular dog with a regular family! You and all my SAINTS friends do such a great job and even though I miss you all, I am really happy with my new family. So have a happy Mother's Day with all the other SAINTS kids, and I'll come and visit you soon.
Lots of love from Gilligan xo




I love Gilligan, such a great dog and so glad he found a fantastic home and that he's overcoming some issues.


Yea...that was so wonderful to read. He is such a handsome dog and i love he pics too..warms ones heart

lynne arnason

i am so happy for gilligan and so sad for jen, but thankyou for giving this sweet dog a great home what a special way to spend the last 8 months with a loving family. and i am so glad you r happy gilligan, you r one fantastic dog and sooo handsome.

laura b

What a put a huge smile in your heart update for such a very sweet dog!!!


Gilligan hit the mother lode when he got to be apart of this family. He finally gets to be the dog he was always meant to be. Love this update.


Two great stories, sure it is nice for SARC to see Gilligan got a home,
he came from there too, didn't he.


Yay gilligan! This makes me soooo happy!!! Thank you for having patience and working with this sweet dog. I love a happy ending