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kiyana has passed kiyana, big hugs to her foster mom jen

Carol  ·  May 10, 2015


Updated 6 hours ago

Kiyana wandered into our lives the same way so many things do...with chance and the random connections of a bunch of fabulous people. She came from Sheena Staples, who has a fine eye for dog. She took one look at the battle scared, painridden oldladydog and knew there was still something so fabulous within her that needed a chance to get out.
Thanks to Sheena Staples. Thanks to Carol Hine. Thanks to Sheila Kullar and Leila Kullar. This amazing girl finally found her home. Her forever and always home.
When she arrived, wracked in agony from horrifcally infected teeth and a pathetic body weight, she still managed to play a serious game of smack-down-bitey-face with the baby husky in the house. This marked her start - and her end - in her home. There WILL be fun. And laughter. And love.
She had courage like no other. Pain be damned, there dogs to play with, there's things to smell, there's food to be stolen - Let's GET THIS PARTY GOING!!!
She was a force to be reckoned with and yet, still a breath of fresh air - spreading happiness and joy with her wide toothed grin. Though mind your fingers - those treets are GOOD!
Quickly, so quickly it was crazy, she got tottery and a bit off balance. When reviewing her video with the vet, it turns out she was having all kinds of partial seizures. Which I had no idea were seizures - cause she kept on walking.
As the vet said the words "I have never seen anything like it. She's powering through those seizures to keep pace with you so she can be a good dog. Look how hard she's trying to be a good dog."
And I cried. Because it was so true. And what an enormous tribute those words of hers are.
For a battered, beaten dog, that trusted no one -not even my friends could grab her collar or lift her up - she allowed me unspeakable liberties. In the end of her life, she found a spot that was good and she met it with all her mettle, her strength and her unbelievable capacity for love. And it was returned tenfold.
Kiki Bananbum I am going to miss your happy zoomies when I come home, the quiet moments when you rested your head in my hands, the times we just sat together and watched the mayhem unfold.
You brought joy to my life and taught me so terribly much. We should all learn to open our hearts. Unabashedly. Vulnerably. Trusting in that proffered hand. We should all find such incredible joy in the everyday moments.
And if we could muster half the strength and half the heart that Kiyana embodied every day, what wonderful people we would be.
I miss you KiKi.




So sorry for you loss, she sounds like a fantastic dog and that you two were meant for each other.


What a very lovely and touching tribute, so sorry for your loss......sweet dreams Kiyana.

laura b

Beautiful tribute.....such lessons to be learned....sorry for your huge loss