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posted by Surrey Animal Resource Center (a nice post about a nice dog who was lucky that at the end of her life that the cosmos brought a bunch of folks together to just give her a second chance at happiness. (click on the photo to see the full pic.)

Carol  ·  May 10, 2015


In September 2014, this senior husky type dog was impounded as a stray and not claimed. She had several health issues, like rotten teeth and small skin tumours.... She was friendly, but stand-offish and was none too attractive ... not, we know from experience, what most of our adopters are looking for. But we wanted her to have a shot at a happy life. Husky lover Jen, who also adopted a fine young husky gentleman named Diesel from us last year, came to meet her and fell in love. But she knew this old lady husky would likely have health needs that were outside of her budget to meet, having recently lost two senior northern dogs to illness and advanced age. Responsibly, she knew she could not adopt the dog without a financial plan in place to care for her ongoing needs.

Enter SAINTS, who stepped up and took this old lady, dubbed Kiyana, under their wing. SAINTS agreed to absorb all ongoing veterinary costs, if Jen would provide a home and lots of love, which she was more than happy to do. So Kiyana, for possibly the first time in her life, got to experience a loving home.

Kiyana enjoyed life like she was squeezing joy out of every precious moment. Maybe she knew she didn't have much time left - for yesterday, 8 months to the day after she left the shelter, she passed away from complications related to a brain tumour that rapidly consumed her quality of life.

So often at the shelter people tell us they won't consider adopting a senior dog because they want to have a long time with their adopted companion. We understand that, we really do ... but we also want people to know that sometimes the most selfless thing we can do is provide a home for a dog that other people won't look twice at. We humans live long lives; there will always be a chance to get a puppy again. If you have the chance (and the means) to adopt a senior dog, and give them months or just a few years of happiness, the rewards to your soul are immeasurable.

Whether you love a dog for 8 years or 8 months, it still hurts when you lose them - we know Jen is hurting today. And we thank her for her sacrifice, for her love and her loss, on behalf of a funny old dog who left this world knowing true love. doG speed Kiyana.

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Great story, glad this dog got a wonderful owner and found happiness with Jen. So sorry for you loss.