Rescue Journal

Huge thanks to The Guardian Angels and Bosley's Maple Ridge for their recent fundraisers for SAINTS

Carol  ·  May 13, 2015

The Guardian Angels raised over $3400.00 for SAINTS during the 2 weekend plant sale and Bosleys in Maple Ridge raised just over $4000 for SAINTS during the month of April's Paws for a Cause event.

we THANK YOU so much for all of your hard work, caring and dedication in helping us care for the senior and special needs animals at SAINTS!!!


laura b

Amazing!!! The support Saints receives from groups such as Bosley's Maple Ridge and our own Guardian Angels is what continues to make it special for so many animals in need........Thanks so much :-)


Whoohoo - awesome job by the Guardian Angels & Bosley's!!! Lots of hard work involved.


Wow..Great job !!!! Way to go . It is so gratifying to see such a great group of people support and work hard for the residents of SAINTS. It is because of these people and countless others that make it possible for me to be greeted by a group of happy,bouncing , excited and pain free dogs ..all ready for a day helping our at the barn. Thanks so very much for that.