Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 13, 2015

while I personally am feeling somewhat better..i still can't kick the clogged sinus's and plugged ears thing. I am back to work but I find it exhausting and head to bed as soon as I can in the evenings once the critical stuff is done. anyway..that's my apology and excuse for the lack of blogs lately..sorry.

annie our oldest and longest resident sheep has not been well. the vets have been out daily since the weekend and are coming again today. annie is pretty special to me..she was one of our very first sheep from almost 11 years ago...she has paved the way for so many others. I am hoping and praying that she will turn the corner back into feeling well.

all of the sheep were sheared yesterday..they all look pretty damn cute.

not much happening with the rest of our guys..everyone is hanging in and doing well. some like tina, shep, ewok, and jack continue to face the challenges of extreme aging and health issues but they are all still happy and comfortable so we are content with that.

others like babe ruth and kiwi are still trying to deal with their new upside down world.

logan has recovered from his surgery, Harley continues to work towards getting her blood sugars under control. mika still wants to eat luna but we won't let her and there are currently too many bed buddies and my bed is too full.

same old same old.


Carol A.

do you remember the play... our town? there is a line in it that goes something like, " oh for just an ordinary day' and the appreciation of the everyday things of life.

i think perhaps this ordinary day in the life of SAINTS is a pretty special day to mark. all the critters safe and sound and loved. no great comings or goings. full bellies and warm beds.... and the greatest Moma who shares her bed with the littlest so they all feel safe and sleep deep as they know you are near.

sorry you are not feeling great yet.. my granny would say take the juice of half a lemon and a big tablespoon of honey on boiling water. let cool a bit. take with two aspirins. rub your chest with vicks and put a cloth rung out in hot water over your eyes. it wont cure what ails you, but it wont burt and might help you sleep.

take care of yourself.

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol
How is Ewok doing? Enjoy seeing pictures of her that Jenn takes. Amazing the work you and your volunteers do !


And I am wondering how the plant sale went? Hopefully it was a big success. Looking forward to this year's open house.