Rescue Journal

some days are just brutal...

Carol  ·  May 16, 2015

but they eventually get done.

I got the upper field harrowed, fertilized and seeded. hours on a bumping up and down tractor is probably going to hurt me even more tomorrow but oh freaking well.

everyone is fed, med'd, out for runs, and settled for bed...

now my day is mostly done.

annie is doing better..her appetite is still off but she is eating lots of fresh spinach and greens so that is good enough for now.

everyone else is fairly ok considering they are all old or wrecked in some important way.

and now it is time for a really hot bath and a bunch of Tylenol for me.


Carol A.

good night Carol. i hope your bones are not too sore tomorrow and may your dreams be sweet. praying that this week is soft and peaceful for sll the souls at SAINTS.