Rescue Journal

yesterday was pretty much a not so great day all around..

Carol  ·  May 26, 2015

it started with a cabin check because I haven't been out there in a couple of weeks. so I hiked out there in the morning before I started my afternoon shift. the fridge was off..all the food had gone bad. I turned it back on to freeze it all up again and will go back out this morning before work to empty it out. in retrospect..this was the least of the days unhappy events.

as a nurse I find myself in sad situations frequently..yesterday was one of those days where every where I went into there was something going on that made me feel sad.

saints was not having a better day..the staff ran out of water before mid day. the well has never gone dry before the end of june and we are still in may. global warming is becoming personal...I think the melting snow pack was not enough this year to see us thru another month of water here.

annie is still sick and not eating, zoe has rubbed on something and her vulva is swollen and inflamed. we had the vets out because I thought she was prolapsing but thankfully she is not. Crosby is in pain, due to a miscommunication she hasn't been getting her pain meds since we moved her back outside..she is back on them now so hopefully she will feel better in a day or two. Harley and aggie had vet checks..Harleys insulin dose is going up again so we still do not have good control and aggie who I thought had blown her knee apparently has arthritis in her spine. she can't take NSAIDS for pain because she is on steroids. the vet said to keep her on the tramadol and see how it goes.

when I got home last night the pump was still running even tho the water tanks had been switched and filled so this means there is something wrong with the pump again..i will called the plumbers today.

and finally my sweet precious ellie was digging around the back fence and got her foot caught in the wire. she freaked out started struggling and screaming. by the time kevin reached her she had pulled the fence down on top of herself and had cut herself to shit all over with that old barbed wire.

that was the last fence to fix and in 10 years I haven't done is a big expense..too many other costly things were higher up the list...and I waited too long until ellie got cut to shit.

not a great day.


Wendy Scott

I hope your day is better tomorrow and that Ellie,Angie and Crosby are in better shape . Some days just suck.


I'm going to try this comment feature. Since my old Flo puppy passed away, I reflected on her last years, months, and days and realized I have acquired a great love of older dogs, especially even though it is heartbreaking to finally leave them go. Since the time I found Saints on the net, I have regularly visited and read the goings on at the Saints Sanctuary and only wish I lived closer to volunteer and become a permanent foster for a lovely senior dog. I live in Burnaby but even think about moving closer so I could be more involved. What I wanted to say was I am so impressed with the love and caring you all give, especially Carol and I haven't even met you yet. Take good care of yourself a too. I planning on driving to the tour on Saturday.

Carol A.

some days are just really really hard. I hope thee water gods fill the well, and the plumbers fix the pump, and the fridge never quits. but mostly I hope crosby, angie,and especially miss ellie,all feel beyter soon.
. poor elie, she must have been so scared.... she never did that before... she certainly wont do it again she is smart!
hoping for cool weather and a better day tomorrow.


i think there are several things there to cry about. it all sucks.
nice poem Ann from previous entry