Rescue Journal

a difficult day for several of our saints...

Carol  ·  May 27, 2015

I think the vets have given up on they dropped off five days of injectable pain and steroid meds and said if she is not going to start eating again, it is pretty much hopeless. looks like I may be making a very unhappy decision early next week if this last set of meds does not do the trick.

come on annie...just eat!

Caesar went in for his giant mass removal surgery and it became a disaster as soon as they cut into him. he started hemorrhaging..looks like a hemangiosarcoma...they stopped the surgery and sutured him back up after taking a biopsy. they also removed that mouth mass...could not get it all, it just went too deep. they biopsied that one too so now we wait and see but I am pretty sure Caesar is now palliative.

jack has been down the last couple of days, he had a vet check this morning and has an abcess in behind his eye that is causing him a lot of pain. because his kidneys and heart are totally wrecked, he will not survive surgery. the vet gave him injectable antibiotics and pain meds, sent him home with more meds and said if these don't work and if he is not better by Friday, we will have to put him down.

new dog in today (thx for picking her up for us Shelagh!). her name is lily and she is totally sweet. she has already seen our vet, had blood work and is booked for an eye removal on friday. we will have to wait until she is healed before doing her spay and her dental. she has a heart murmur, could be from the rotten teeth, and glaucoma in both eyes. for now she is on good pain control until her eye surgery.

finally little bud (the new felv cat) had his viral re-testing and his neuter today..hopefully he stops making the place smell like an unnuetered tom cat within a few days. once the tests come back and we have confirmed he is still positive for felv we can let him loose with carter.

I think that is all of the news from today..most of it just wasn't all that good.