Rescue Journal

a quick reminder to everyone...saints annual open house june 20/21

Carol  ·  May 30, 2015

we were hoping to have a couple of our big corporate volunteer days booked a couple of weeks before to tackle a couple of the bigger get ready things but both have fallen thru. now I am freaking about too much to do and not enough time and people to do it again.

I booked off on vacation after june 6th to deal with this but arghhh...its the same old killer couple of weeks leading up to the open house again unless we can get some of the stuff that needs doing earlier this year. the biggest and hardest and most labour intensive jobs this year are...

the shop, the over grown weedy yards and driveways, the storage tent and fixing the chewed up/dirty walls, windows and ceilings of the big dog window trim, scrubbing and painting..that room needs everything done this year.

with the well going dry, we once again missed the power washing opportunity so I guess we will be doing buckets and scrub brushes again..that sort of sucks.

also can folks please look at their calendars and let Nicole know asap who is available to help that weekend with the usual caregiving plus hosting the open house stuff. with the difficulties in scheduling lately we need to know early where we are short.

I know we will make it thru this, we always do and it will be great but honestly the june open house stresses me out, so much to do, so little time to do it. I think it will be less stressful if we have a good solid plan.

I hope.


shelagh f

I started small last week with the small frail cat area, scrubbed walls
mesh moved everything and thought it could use a bit of paint too
it has had a thorough clean, and they told me they wouldn't mess
it up. will email you re big dog room