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it has been a busy couple of days...

Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2015

big thx to our very nice volunteer plumber for fixing the kitchen and shop bathroom sinks! the electrician was here to look at those dead electrical boxes..he identified it was actually a septic problem, the septic guys are having to replace one of the pumps because we let too much crap go thru the laundry and down the sinks and tubs. please everyone shake out the laundry to reduce dirt and hair, scrape out food into the garbage before washing food bowls and don't put tampons/paper towels et el down the toilets. these simple things might make the next new and expensive septic pump last longer than a mere year. my secret adventure has been really wasn't a huge deal, but it made me happy. Crosby has finally got a real turkey companion to talk with. pink is an endangered heritage ridley turkey..there are only 250 breeding females left in the world. it is a fairly long story but I am tired and basically I was looking for a turkey companion for Crosby. I found a very nice lady who has a lovely heritage barnyard bird farm and pink was getting picked on by the other turkeys. the lady was happy to donate her to us at no charge to give pink a good and stress free home and so Crosby could finally have a friend of the same species. miranda is still with Crosby too...they are now a little threesome family and they are all getting along really well. annie is still hanging in there..the vets were out again today with more steroid injections. if her bloodwork has not improved and resolved the fatty liver failure by Friday, it will be time to let her go. right now due to the daily steroid injections, she is eating pretty well. the staff noticed teeko beginning some silent, not yet threatening, but still guarding behavior posturing over the food bowls both with the other dogs and with people...I suggested loading that room with so many food bowls he can't possibly worry about all of them. we will give it a try and see how things go. hopefully this simple solution works...he is pretty young and it might if the behavior is not fully entrenched. I spent 10 full hours out at the cottage today, doing my laundry and cleaning the place. at 7 pm just as I was waiting for the last load to dry so I could go home, I walked down to the lake. there are 2 sets of mom and pop geese with almost 40 baby chicks between them. WOW..those are huge families!!! the neighbors tell me they usually each have 8-10 babies or so but never this many. they are all so very cute! everyone here was glad when I finally made it home. too bad I couldn't spend the night and enjoy the spotlessly clean cabin! vet runs tomorrow..if I have time I will go back out to the cabin and do a quick yard clean up with my spiffy leaf blower next. then the cabin will be tidy inside and out before I go back to work on wed!!


shelagh f

we used to have geese in our previous house with a pond and a river
on the property. there were two families of geese with goslings one year,
and one day for whatever reason, the one set of parents took off and
never came back. the other parents took over the goslings, like they
had all agreed on it, and they had a large brood of about 15 or so.