Rescue Journal

good enough.

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2015

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benny had his ultra sound today. I dropped him off at the clinic and then went looking for my own family doctor because I am feeling worse and not better which totally sucks. luckily he was in and saw me and finally I got a correct diagnosis and the proper meds...apparently I have been in the middle of a nasty week long asthma attack. I didn't know I had asthma but I guess now I do. I damn well better not be allergic to dogs!!

I picked up benny at the end of the day no bladder cancer. they xrayed to look further and it looks like spondylosis of a good portion of his spine is what is bugging him. new med increases for benny and we will see how he does.

we have water.

if I don't move, I can breathe. benny is home laying at my feet.

looks like we are all ok..maybe not great but certainly ok.

sometimes that is just good enough..for now.


lynne arnason

so glad for benny. he is a great dog. my dog was diagnosed with the same thing and he is on novo meloxicam seen to be doing okay with it.

Carol A.

hi Carol, i developed athsma four years triggers are exertion, and smoke (i.e. forest fire smoke that hangs in the air) it is a pain but meds make a huge difference to my ability y walk the dogs, garden, work around the house etc. thank goodness! cold eill also cause shortness of breath. so grateful for long acting fast acting meds. take care of yourself and that beautiful Benny.


I developed allergy induced asthma about 5 years ago - told the doctor I did NOT have asthma when she insisted I did, - I was wrong, now have an inhaler, and need it daily . I hope the meds help you - and Benny. Glad you have water again too.


as I suspected Benny just has jelly belly !! sooooo glad to hear it. take it easy in this heat Carol.. stay in bed with the air conditioner.