Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2015

I know my family and some of the folks around here have been worried about me..i miserably failed the testing today but the good news is I got some new meds and already just a couple of hours later, I am breathing more easily. so it looks like I am on the upswing...yay.

renee did the big vet run on her own cuz I was busy failing breathing 101.Harley had her vet check..blood sugars are stabilizing. squirt had a check up too..he has a healing eye ulcer and needs a dental and max cat really is not doing well. the vet started him on one last option but it may soon be time to put him down. this old boy is nearing 20 and he has given it all of his best.

annie has been holding her own..eating and drinking enough to keep going. the vets were out yesterday to take more blood so we will see if she is improving or just holding her own.

the reno's on the big dog room are almost done...we should be able to paint in the next day or two.

I am starting to totally freak out over the upcoming open house because I have not been well enough to basically get out of my chair, let alone get work done.

I want to apologise for picking this really shitty time to let everyone down due to crappy heath. and huge thx to Shelagh who because of my uselessness has been up here on many days working all by herself.

I have some vet runs tomorrow and I need to go see two dogs at animal control who are looking for some help. but I think after tomorrow I will be back on my feet enough to actually contribute some elbow grease.

but...anyone who is free...we sure could use some help... we are way behind this year because I have wasted an entire vacation get ready week.

and that sucks.



just to name a few...weeding, yardwork, painting the big dog room, door, trim, wall and window washing, organizing cupboards and shelves, scrubbing outside cat runs, cleaning cement patios and walkways, scrubbing down outside benches, tables and chairs, filling dog digging holes, cleaning up destroyed stuffies and toys, and of course..the ever dreadful shop back breaking mess.


I could come up Saturday....what needs to be done? Is there a list? I decobwebbed ( if that's a word) MP room and cleaned all the shelves. Glad ur feeling better Carol