Rescue Journal

another sad passing of one of our original old timers

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2015

sadly Jerome passed away suddenly today. Jerome was one of our original saints from way back early in 2005, while we lived at our very first rented site. Jerome was an adult when he arrived so I am guessing he was at least 12 years old. the only time I was ever upset with him was years ago when he challenged rusty our aging patriarch rooster and took out rusty's eye. I was pretty pissed for a while at him over that.

but except for that one terrible act of violence, Jerome has been a very good rooster. lately we have been witnessing his own journey into ancientness and we knew his time with us was soon to come to a close.


rest in peace Jerome, we are all going to miss you. and if you run into rusty at the rainbow bridge, please apologise to him for the damage you caused to his eye.


laura b

Yes, Jerome our handsome rooster was such a main stay in the Saints chicken pen.....he took great care of his gang...


Wow, Jerome was one lucky rooster to have lived the last 10 yrs. at Saints - to enjoy good food, safe and clean lodging, company, and caring people looking out for him, RIP Jerome.