Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2015

well..we are getting down to the final wire in the open house prep for this upcoming weekend. there is no doubt that I have scaled back the insanity of getting ready simply due to my own inability to do much. I can only handle so much guilt of my dicking around not doing my share while everyone else works their guts out around here.

but still..I doubt anyone will care that we did not paint or wash the fences this year..most folks are going to be looking at the animals here. and we did get some really important stuff needing to be getting rid of those freaking sliding doors that drove us all right around the bend.

tonight I am organizing the kitchen counters...and maybe if I am up to it, the bedroom. tomorrow is is finish up the outside tidy up and get going on tidying the shop. I think all in all we should easily be done by Friday afternoon and that will feel so good!

the animals are mostly all well...a few are hanging in, getting close to the end. but I think Caesar, shep, tigger, and max cat all have one more open house weekend to enjoy.

we have a new old guy coming in most likely next week...he is an old mastiff at animal control. we have already sent him in for his needed surgeries at our cost but will let him recover at animal control where he is familiar until after the open house...I will pick him up next week.

there are a few others on the possible admission list.. some cruelty seizures. just waiting to see which ones will need us here.

all in all despite my still being under the weather...saints has been ticking along nicely. that is a direct result of the incredible and dedicated staff and volunteers we have here. hah! we are reaching the point of not needing me...I see a few more cottage days in my future.

on a very sad note today...andi (aka andrea) died last evening. she has been in a fabulous foster home with Cheryl and andi has had a tough year with various health issues. she passed peacefully away in the care of the great vets and staff at Whatcom Rd Animal Hospital. I know Cheryl is really missing her and I know that little andi has had the best last part of her life...she was deeply loved, really well cared for and had a real family of her own at the end of her life.


rest in peace andi...big hugs and huge thx to Cheryl for opening your heart and your home to this sweet little girl!



I remember Andi (Andrea) too. So great that she had a loving home of her own with Cheryl for the last part of her life. It's always so hard to say goodbye.


So sorry Cheryl. Andi looks like a real sweety - rest peacefully little one.