Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2015

I did a little bit today..but not much. and yet wow, right now.. do I feel weak as a new born kitten?...well yes I do. grrhhh..I just don't do weakling all that well.

3 new big dogs in...a very sweet blue pitty with absolutely horribly chronically painful ears. it will take a long time to get them better but we have the time and expertise to help her get there. she is settling in very well...she gives lots of hugs and kisses so I am happy with that. she has a difficult name..i am too weak and tired to remember difficult names so I am just going to call her allie..its easy and close so she gets works for both of us right now.

we also brought a big giant goofy hound named brutus..he comes from friends whose family is going thru a difficult time. he is still a bit discombobulated and bewildered but he will settle in fairly quickly I am sure...once I let him out into the fields where he can indulge his nasal passages. then his brain will fill up with happy interesting smells....saints smells so good to the true blue hounds.

our last newby for tonight, is a big hairy homeless guy...he's got a couple of workable emotional issues. I am going to call him "groot" (guardians of the galaxy) groot in the movie was a pretty cool, chill, wise and understanding guy.

2 more are coming tomorrow...a resource guarding shitzhead and a biting ancient min pin. they ought to be fun...or not.

just a few more things to get ready for the open house this weekend...the big dog room needs a good sweep/scrub again...damn the dust from the gravel walkways!!!!

the big dog room windows need washing, I have to clean out the carport area and then I think we are basically done.

I hope I have some steam left in me for the weekend. I have decided that I love rescuing animals but am not so keen on running a big rescue. the animals are fun and interesting..the rescue itself is just plain hard work.

on a sad note..

ebony passed over the bridge today. ebony was adopted out to a friend in rescue 13.5 years ago (before there was saints) and a very full life of being cherished and loved. rest in peace ebony, big hugs to pam and family during the heartache of losing one so well loved.


I also got an email today from one of our previous adopters. I don't know who remembers abby, the senior snippy border collie with arthritis..i think she came from Chilliwack animal control. anyway, she was adopted back in 2009 and just passed away yesterday. her mom said she had a great and happy last few years.

rest in peace happy you found love, comfort and a family for the last part of your life.

Abby 2002-2015



she has done well over night Rebecca. I am sorry tho, as much as we would appreciate some help here...volunteering won't be possible for you. allie loves you and if you come here and then leave her behind when you go home will just keep breaking her heart, over and over again and I know you don't want to hurt her. best to let her deal with what is her new reality, let go of the past and let her make a new and happy life without the pain and confusion of reminders of lost family and love. she is a great dog with a great heart..she will be happy again and that ultimately is what we all want for and happiness.


On another note, I will be getting my licence in the next couple weeks hopefully I'd really like to come and volunteer hopefully once a week if it's ok with you, it would really be nice to help out at the place that's helping my girl and of course it would be nice to see her too :)let me know if that would be alright, thanks a bunch


Thanks Carol, it's such a hard thing,I know your so busy but if you could let me know how she did last night and today, I would so appreciate it :) thanks so much


she is a lovely girl and we will take very good and loving care with her. you did the right thing by making sure she got the help that she needed.


This has been a big day for our family, lots of tears,we are missing our beautiful baby girl fiercely,I am so so thankful that you are giving her the happy retirement she deserves, our girl has been through so much with our four kids and her terribly painful ears, I swear to you a better dog does not exist, tonight is going to be incredibly lonely for me but it brings so much happiness to my heart knowing that that she is not going to be in pain anymore soon, she's going to have everything she could ever wish for, a whole farm, lots of buddies and the swimming everyday, well that is her heaven, hence the lifejacket we sent along, we have been worried that she would drown herself because she just would not come out of the water!please give her lots of hugs and kisses from all six of us, although it sounds like there's already been lots of that, she does love giving kisses :) thank you so much I am so incredibly grateful to you xoxo
Rebecca, ps. Her name is Alizae which is a hard name, we just call her Zae-zae