Rescue Journal

it was an exhausting weekend but it was a great weekend too.

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2015 was another great annual open house weekend and it was made great by our staff and volunteers, our really special, generous and open hearted animal loving visitors and of course, because of our amazing senior and special needs animals.

just under 250 folks came thru..for a fathers day weekend with missions very popular antique car show and soap box derby competing with was a pretty good turn out and I was happy. and I would like to say that those kind visitors, donated more than $4000.00 in the 2 days to help us care for our special crew...amazing and a huge heart felt thank you!!!

the animals did well...mostly. Q and coda bear got a bit snippy near the end of the days. I guess they got tired of so many new people and their nice face started to fade. but the volunteers were great and carried them around so they could feel powerful yet safe and both of them really liked that for sure!

groot and brutus joined mystic and posse down in the bottom field with a human volunteer friend. that kept the ones that were scared..june and luna from freaking out and gave the newbies a chance to figure this whole strange open house stuff out.

allie hung out with us at the front, greeting guests and meeting everyone..she was a big hit. she is actually too big of a hit,...there is a ton of interest in her..everyone who met her seemed to want her. allie has some long standing medical issues and allie is going to need the kind of unlimited financial, medical and time investment that we are so good at in order to reach the point where her medical issues are consistently managed. she has just arrived and she and saints need time to reach that healthy finish line. only a couple of days here and already she has a HUGE fan club! so I am just going to be upfront and blunt to everyone....between her previous family and the many different folks who want her now...I feel like I am getting backed into a corner over this sweet dog. everyone please take a step back and let me do my job without a bunch of desperate about allie human needs distracting me. right now, it is all about allie only for me. all allie my case and let me breathe and do my job..thx!

some really fantastic news from the weekend...

senior cats bea and rascal were both adopted into a fabulous home AND sweet little one eyed lily also has been chosen to join some dear friends of saints in their wonderful family and home. lily still needs her dental so she will be going in a week or so.

yay for three of our much loved guys that found happily forever after homes!



They both look so settled and relaxed. Thanks a lot for the updates and pictures.


Dogs are cool, but cats rule.
That's what Sam and Ripley tell me (my two beautiful cats).


she's only finally got on there because she realized we were talking about the cats and posting pictures on there...tammy loves our cats!


Yay! So happy for Bea and Rascal! Tammy it's about time you looked at our fb page, now you can look at all the other pics you missed :)


Happy to hear Bea and Rascal are settling in well (I made it to Facebook). Please keep sending updates, I can never hear enough about a happy ending.


Such great news about Bea and Rascal, I think I had finally given up hope that someone would see their specialness. Then along comes a great couple giving them both the forever home they had been dreaming of. I can't stopped thinking about how empty that room will feel without them but I can picture both of them getting settled in their new place.
That was the perfect end to the weekend for me (and of course for Bea and Rascal).


It was such an extraordinary opportunity to come to Saints for the open house this weekend. You guys do such amazing and important work, and as a family it was a priviledge to see every life valued despite age, illness, or condition. Saints is a beautiful and inspiring place. We are so thankful for the chance to visit....we fell in love with all the animals there. We pray that more people will open their hearts and homes to animals from Saints, and we are so happy to hear about Bea and Rascal. We know from experience that adopting a senior animal can be a truely enriching experience. Life is precious, and this is so evident at Saints. We look forward to visiting again. Keep up the incredible work. Thanks again.