Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2015

Miranda the chicken is not doing well. we have set her up in the shop, we have tried everything from fresh fruits and vegies to canned corn, to suet, to sunflower seeds, to get her to eat. this afternoon we started syringe feeding her. not sure what happened but it might have something to do with the addition of Sadie to the group because in retrospect that's when Miranda started not doing as well. come on Miranda..Please eat. I will move Sadie if that is what is upsetting you.

vet runs for the newbies today...

simon has the world's absolutely foulest most infected mouth EVER...worse than zues, poor, poor, boy. we started him on meds (abx, pain and anti-inflammatories) on the weekend, the vet tweeked the meds today. we bumped squirt out of his dental appointment on Thursday because simon needs it much, much more and asap. renee will re-book squirt.

Q had his dental recheck and some baseline blood work..he is good.

allie had her check up and blood work...she is booked for her spay, vaccines, microchip, a massive ear flush, with a good looky loo inside her ears while she is sedated and we will do a culture and sensitivity so we can get to the bottom of her chronic horrible ears problem. she goes in on Tuesday morning for everything and I will bring her home at the end of the day.

groot and brutus are booked for their vet checks next week because there is nothing critical with them,,they both seem to be in decent shape so we are in no rush with them.

new ancient old skinny cat coming in on Thursday from Chilliwack spca and I think I will pick up that ancient mastiff waiting for us at Chilliwack animal control while I am out that way and get him settled. he has already had his eye surgery and neuter so I best stop by their vets while out there and pay for that too. I guess Thursday will be new animal in day.

that's it for the news,



The Aviva Community Fund is back. Is whoever is in charge of that going to enter Saints again?


he is still pissy Helga...thank god his surgery is this week (ear tumor removal) so once he is healed, he will no longer have to live in a is really pissing him off now.


Can't stop smiling!shes going to feel so much better with all that gook out of her ears! Poor girls going to have a rough day Tuesday but she's on the road to happy ears and healthy days! Can't wait to see what the results of all the tests are! Sending prayers and happy thoughts that everything goes well and gets figured out finally! Yay for the start of a long healthy and happy life for Zae, she sure deserves it! Also sending special prayers your way for Miranda! Eat miranda eat!