Rescue Journal

Miranda passed away last night.

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2015

I found her early this morning. she was such a sweet little bird and I feel like I let her down.... too little too late.

rest in peace Miranda, i'm sorry.



As human beings we were given dominion over animals, many people feel this means that we are entitled to do whatever we want with them and treat them as nothing; however, we were meant to care for them, to live alongside and treat them with love and respect. All animals. the way chickens are treated in factory farms is unimaginable. I can't fathom their terrified and painful last moments of life. Every animal has emotions and feels pain. Miranda's time at saints was brief but I really believe that she understood that she was cared for, that she mattered and her last moments on earth were not tortured and terrifying. she was nursed and fussed over, nurtured,What a beautiful gift.


she came in about a month ago from an egg farm as a friend for Crosby. she was doing so well initially, the only thing that changed was the addition of Sadie into the group but none of us ever saw Sadie picking on her and she did not have any missing feathers or pecking wounds. not sure why she went down hill so quickly.

lynne arnason

aww too bad she was a chicken that at least had a life beyong what most get. rip miranda you were in a good place.


Oh poor Miranda. She really was a sweet little bird, and seemed so happy at Saints. Run free, Miranda.