Rescue Journal

oh....break my heart.

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2015

bill doesn't like Harley...she was too curious in her blind dog greeting and now he doesn't trust her. he was good with meeting mika, benny and buddy tho cuz they have better manners.

anyway..I have bill blocked off with an xpen so he can get the lay of the land without getting too grumpy with Harley.

but her feelings are hurt and she is nervous going anywhere near him cuz he snarls at her.

so she is quietly playing with her pink bouncy ball on her bed. it rolls over to bills fence. she wants it but she is not going to go get it, I went and got it for her.

bill came to the fence and looked really interested in the bright pink ball. I went to the toy basket and picked out 2 balls for him. I handed the first one to him and he took it in his mouth and then shuddered and cowered and dropped it. it looked like he thought I was going to hit his head. hmmm. so I took the second ball and handed it to him..this time he ducked and cowered first.

I petted him and told him it was fine, he could have the balls and he picked up one in his mouth and took it to his bed. I decided he might like a stuffy so I went out to the shop and grabbed a donated bag, tossing some over to mystic and crew on my way back into the house.

I gave Harley, mika and buddy each a stuffy to tear up,,,benny is far too dignified and cool for toys.

I handed bill a stuffy husky which he took gently from me and then buried it in his blankets. I tossed a second stuffy into the corner which he retrieved and buried along with the first. then he laid his head down on the newly buried toys with a deep sigh and it occurred to me...

he is not just some lost and unclaimed stray dog...he is a lost and unclaimed stray sad dog..i think he might have had a harsh and difficult life.



oh my gosh, my eyes are sweating after reading that! Bill has such a beautiful face :) Thank you for caring for him, and showing him that he is worthy of love.

Carol be honest...I might yell and whack him on the head if he stops being a sweet frightened old soul and turns into a carol-deaf, cat chasing, pain in the butt dipstick~!

Carol A.

sweet Bill, loving and hiding and protecting his stuffies. how sad, the image of him ducking like that from you... the one person who'd never rIse her voice or hand against a confused, frightened old soul. and little harley trying to figure out this new world. Thank you for seeing with their eyes...


Oh Bill, life will be better now...just you wait and see..Harley is harmless too, hopefully he changes his mind about her too. Glad he likes his toys..can't wait to meet him...


Ugh poor Bill. He sounds like how Shrek and Fiona were with things going over their heads when they first arrived at saints. Thankfully he'll be pleasantly spoiled from now on!