Rescue Journal

update on kobe!

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2015

Hi Carol,

So far everything is going well with Kobe. He was excited yesterday while we were driving back and he loved to lick my arm so much it was drenched. When I arrived at my apartment and brought him in the first thing he did was to mark his territory on my pc haha. It was ok I cleaned it. He had a big smile. He hasn't used his bed yet probably because it is hot since he prefers to sleep on the carpet and on the kitchen floor. Even in my bed he didn't stay long. I am thinking of getting an AC because even with all my fans it was a bit hot this weekend.

He has met a few people when we were walking and he was happy to see them. He hasn't made any mess. Even this morning he waited calmly at the door until I woke up. He really loves to go outside whenever we are going he has a big smile and he wags his tail a lot. I will give you some news this week to let you know how he will be at work.