Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2015

allie had her surgeries..she is pretty wiped out tonight and except for pee breaks outside is sticking close to her bed. I gave her a good solid dose of pain meds so at least she is resting comfortably. she did have some dinner and I fed it to her off a spoon which she liked, it made her feel special and that I was trying to take good care of her. poor little post-op girl.

babe ruth seems to finally be perking up..his pathology came back, the tumor was malignant but with the surgical removal of most of the ear, the margins were cancer clear so that is very good news.

since I am back to work this week, I don't have much saints news..everyone is basically ok (for now,) I have decided tho that my 3 weeks vacation totally sucked because I was sick..i want a do-over.


heads up to all Canada day volunteers..i am working tomorrow..if you need me call on the cell phone..hope you all have a great day. (Please keep the dog room doors shut to help it stay cool and make sure the free standing AC units buckets get emptied olease too.)



I was at the vets yesterday and ran into Rascal and Bea's new dad. He said they are doing great, pretty much all over and running the house.
Its wonderful to hear such fantastic news when there is so much crap going on.