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losing my mind

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2015

I was digging around in the fridge, looking for something to eat after work when I discovered half a squished egg salad sandwich. OMG! I accused poor allie of stealing it last weekend when I had mindlessly stuffed it back in the fridge when I went to let in the dogs. looked so good and I was so hungry..but I just couldn't do was too old and last thing I need is food poisoning. I sadly tossed that squished but delicious looking thing in the trash.

now nothing looked good cuz I really wanted that egg salad sandwich so I grabbed a handful of cookies and settled for that.

a couple of hours later I received a text from mo..."I left half of an egg sandwich in your fridge for you today..its kind of squished..."

I am soooo sad now..but at least I am not losing my mind.....allie did steal my sandwich and indirectly she made me lose this new one too. damn egg sandwich wrecking dog.

allie says with her best starving sad eyes..."don't throw that lovely sandwich away..i will eat it please!"


sigh..we both lost out today.



Lol..I suggested that Tammy..Carol replied " do you know what goes in my garbage ".....ahhh oh yea..oops


It may just be me but desperate enough I would have looked in the garbage to see what the sandwich was sitting on then maybe I would have eaten it.
You'd be surprised what I've done in the past.

pip van nispen

Your blog always makes me think,often makes me laugh or cry and is a great start to my day. I have a 15 yr old dog and cat and your insights have helped us all . THANKS Carol and everyone at Saints.


Zae is for sure a little food bandit, so many times we've been left scratching our heads, "the margarine was just here where did it go?" Lo and behold there's Zae under the table with the lid already off and half the margarine gone. And the time we came home and the half pizza was missing which was way up high, she can barely get up on the couch but somehow she managed to jump like a deer and get the pizza.. Her poor head swelled up like a big red balloon that night :( now that she's getting along with the small dogs just wait, one night she's gonna manage to sneak in your bed under the covers and your going to be like, what's that big Allie shaped lump in my bed, and she's going to give you those big sparkly "I love you so much" eyes " can I please sleep in your bed just this one night pleeaaease" and your gonna be like "fine just this one night Allie this is the little dog space" and then you won't be able to get her out of your bed, she's gonna be one of the little dogs:) that is my prediction:)

Lenore Henry

Carol - no one tells a story like you do - thanks for the laugh!!

shelagh f

she does look pretty pathetic in that picture, doesn't she?
at least you're not loosing your mind