Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2015

Q went out into permanent foster care today...yay Q, yay Cheryl!!

this prolonged heat/dry spell has been hard on all of the animals..we are struggling every day to keep the animals from over heating, thank god it looks like the temp. will be cooling off a bit for now. we really do need a good chunk of rain tho.

the air is full of smoke here this morning from the raging forest fires in BC..yesterday the skies were blue, today they are a smoky gray/brown. oh yay hot, dry and crappy air quality!

our guys who are hanging tight to their threads, are still hanging on tight...tigger, fairlane, Caesar and shep are all against all odds or common sense, still cheerfully hanging in here. they are happy so whatever, they get to say when.

pink has become our heat alarm turkey...whenever Crosby gets too hot, pink tosses a fit. ali said that Crosby's fan was accidently unplugged yesterday and it wasn't long before pink started screaming for help for her friend. once it was all sorted it out and Crosby was cooled off, pink settled down.

humans just don't give animals enough credit for the depth of their emotions.

we think we are the higher more emotionally evolved species yet we cause more harm and pain and suffering to others than all other species combined.



Yeah Lynne, thanks to your husband John for closing in that window where the air conditioner vents were in the big dog room- should help considerably........
And Yay for Q - wonderful!

lynne arnason

so freaking true we do cause more harm and dont seen to give a dam hope the ac unit is working a bit better if not it still needed to be done.


Yay Pink!!! What a smart girl. This smoke haze in the air really sucks - it even smells inside my house. The sun was a gorgeous bright orange color this morning, though. Everyone I talk to is hoping for cooler temperatures and some rain.