Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2015

Rupert is a sweet dog! I took his recent comprehensive SARC medical records into our vets, Rupert has an app't Monday but I wanted to start him on some sulcrate over the weekend just to protect his GI tract due his profound diarrhea. it has got to be really irritating the sensitive tissues inside and I don't want to risk a perforation. sulcrate will coat his GI tract at least a little bit and offer some protection from this. she also upped his flagyl dose a bit and added Pepcid ac and then panacure as a dewormer plus a gastro diet.
hopefully that along with the prednisone he is already on will hold him over the weekend and help to reduce some of the inflammation. however, he was sent here already being deemed most likely palliative so while these measures may increase his comfort they are not expected to provide a cure.

max is still at the vets and not doing well. his lung infection is escalating despite the heavy duty meds. the vets are worried there may be an underlying celiac disease or lymphoma or plaque like cancer causing his illness that isn't showing up on xray. we are still in the worrisome mode of wait and see...not sure what tomorrow will bring.

heads up to the weekend sister and husband are visiting me from Arizona. I currently have them safely stashed out at the cabin so this weekend I will be busy back and forth juggling saints and family.

there is nothing quite as cute as a giant, 140 pound, slow moving mastiff with a boat sized head, playing with a very small ball in slow motion. sigh...bill is adorable when he plays.



Shit, I'm just catching up on the blog tonight after being away - offline- and still can't believe about Phoebe. Omg, I will really miss her - such a character - so please Max pull thru!

lynne arnason

hope max is okay he is a sweeitie and got dealt a shitty deal in life.


Hi Carol,
I have had two dogs with terminal IBD and, with them, have gone down every available avenue to try to help them. One of the things I discovered with the last one was Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato helped more than the metronidazole and sulcralfate and pred and everything else. It firmed up his stools almost immediately and it is high up on the list of foods with anti-inflammatory properties. I would bake a bunch of them all at once and then scoop about half of one into his food along with a little water and mash it around. I was able to take him off all those meds and still have him feel well. there is, as you know, no cure for what he had, but at least he felt better for the time he had left. I still do this for one of my current dogs because she has arthritis at a very young age. I am able to keep her off the NSAIDS by using sweet potato combined with a ginger tincture, both of which are anti-inflamatories. Hope it can help Rupert.


Rupert, hoping he gets better, if the foster i have now gets adopted soon, would love to know more about Rupert.

Debra in Malaysia

Just saw Max last weekend. He is still such a sweetheart. Hope he pulls thru