Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2015

max is home from the vets as the clinic is closed today...still not doing great but he is hanging in. I have moved him to the house where I can keep a close eye on him.

ruperts diarrhea is improving with all of the meds...he sees our vets tomorrow. he is a very sweet and gentle dog. got a little bit over excited when he met Robbie for some reason. totally ignored the 14 other crazy ankle biters but just had to hump Robbie...Robbie did not like that!

aggie is sick...I am thinking now it may be cardiac..will get her into our vets as soon as we can.

other newbies...rosie is good, satchie is good, addy is good, jiggy and mischief are good.

update on babe ruth from Helga...she is bending over backwards to help him adjust. so far so good!

lily went home with donna yesterday as a perm. foster..that was a whole new gong show because I totally forgot donna was coming and was in maple ridge picking up max from the vet. thankfully donna was incredibly patient and michelle was able to help her get lily. duh, I am so dumb sometimes!

saints is again full and bursting at the seams and except for the ones I already said we would help which aren't here yet (possibly 3)...we are full and admissions are closed once again.



Glad Max is home. I hope he improves with familiar surroundings and tons of love.
My gargoyle is sick????? :(